gal-dem magazine: the ‘Home’ issue

‘The Home Issue’ features content centered around the experiences of what home means to women of colour, both in a personal and a political sense.’
Artwork I submitted to be featured in gal-dem’s second print issue themed around ‘Home’. Available here.
These three pieces are self initiated and reference a few movies that impacted me deeply as a moody teen, but that also (retrospectively speaking) felt slightly inaccessible, and I think had some negative impact on my sense of self worth via the lack of diverse representation. (Although obvs I still found some comfort in these films). With these images I kind of wanted to subvert some of those implied rules of ‘cult’ movies and center woc as Criterion Collection approved. (not that we need permission)

These next three images were also in the Home issue and created to accompany Miriam Walker-Khan’s piece on growing up British and Pakistani.

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